Let's Get Personal

In our business of real estate, REALTORS® often promote the number of homes they have sold with the rational that a track record of a high number of sold homes will show the home seller or home buyer that they can get the job done and they have the experience.

Promoting sales volume is valid we do it ourselves. Our team has over one billion dollars in home sales since 2004 that's a heck of a lot of sales and a lot of negotiation experience.

One thing we never lose track of though, is that each transaction also represents a person or a family and they all have different reasons for making a move. Most reasons are positive a couple expecting their first child and the need for more space, personal circumstances make buying a larger dream home possible, moving to be closer to family, etc.

And sometimes the reasons are not so positive, making the move an emotional and stressful time. Every move has its own story.

One of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of what I do for a living is working with my clients to help them achieve their goal and to do whatever I can to help them through the process. Sometimes the process is relatively easy and stress-free. And sometimes the process has numerous obstacles to get past. These people are not just numbers to add to our team's transaction count. Their circumstances matter to us.

We are proud of our number of transactions. But we are even more proud that our clients have trusted us with their story.