West Nose Creek Park

Posted by Kelly McKelvie Monday, February 25th at 2:55pm

Enjoying The Wide Open Spaces in Calgary’s NE

Exploring NE Calgary parks and pathways. Here is a brief tour of West Nose Creek Park a.k.a. Confluence Park
Exploring Calgary’s Parks & Pathways- West Nose Creek Park/Confluence Park

Exploring this city and taking advantage of all the parks, pathways and green spaces is an absolute pleasure.
Walking, jogging, hiking, running or biking with friends and family is something not to be taken for granted, we have the world’s largest urban pathway system and you need to get out and enjoy it.

West Nose Creek Park/Confluence Park

Lying in northeast Calgary, the park is 73 hectares of paved pathways, trails, off leash area connected by bridges. Bordered by 96th Avenue & Harvest Hills to the north, Beddington Trail to the south, Country Hills golf  course to the west and Deerfoot Trail to the East.
The park is open from 5am to 11pm and has many highlights and natural elements including wide open rolling hills and grasslands and creek, but the most interesting element is the Split Rock.

Split Rock

Once part of a rock formation in Jasper Alberta it was deposited by glaciers thousands of years ago. Split by the expanding and contracting of water freezing and melting. It has also been partially shaped by buffalo rubbing against it remove their heavy winter coats.Stone from the area was used to build many of the historic buildings in Calgary, which was once referred to as “Sandstone City.”

Parking is accessible off Beddington Trail, making for a very convenient and enjoyable experience, which can be followed by stopping by stopping by any of the restaurants in nearby Harvest Hills.