How to Use & Enjoy YYC Transit

Thursday, November 15th at 5:12pm

Calgary Transit System
Our Mass Transit system is a Great Way to Get Around The City.

Take the train.

For affordability, less stress (especially when the weather is less than idea) Calgary Transit provides a convenient, safe and easy way to get where you want to go.

It’s nice not to have to worry about parking, scraping windows, the stress of winter driving and traffic jams that are a reality of commuting in Calgary.
Sometimes when we don’t know all the ins-and-outs of a topic, we just assume that it is fraught with complexity and hassle.

Mass transit is one of those topics.

The City of Calgary has put together some great information to help people realize that taking the bus/train is all about ease of operation, while providing affordability in an environmentally friendly way.

Commuting everyday may not be possible for you, but using the transit to get to a hockey game at the Saddledome or a concert, sure is an easy way to go. Especially when the average fare is $1.55.

Calgary Transit INFO LINKS:






Calgary Remembers

Friday, November 9th at 1:05pm

Listing of Remembrance Day Events in And Around Calgary[/caption]

Remembering the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces
Remembering Those Who Sacrificed

Please take time to remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who served, fought and continue to put themselves in harms way in the service of Canada.

It is the 100th anniversary since the end of the “War to End All Wars” otherwise know as World War One. Followed by a second great conflict and a multitude of other conflicts around the globe, Brave men and women continue to answer our nations call.

There are a number of events and activities you can take in on November 11th. Here is a listing:

Saluting Calgary's Fallen
Listing of Remembrance Day Events in And Around Calgary

Here is a great story by the CBC about how one church is honouring Calgary’s fallen. Click on the image to access the story.

Remembrance Day Tribute
Thousands of knit poppies are on display at Cathedral Church of the Redeemer

Remembrance Day Video-click to view

Thank you to all the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, past & present
Our Remembrance Day Tribute Video

Tuscany & Area Comes up Big For The Food Bank …Again!

Thursday, November 1st at 3:21pm


The McKelvie Group & the 20th Annual Pumpkin Giveaway
Kelly McKelvie’s 20th Annual Pumpkin Giveaway in Support of the YYC Food Bank


From humble beginnings 20 years ago, Kelly McKelvie and her team put on a bigger and better event every year.

This milestone anniversary event saw one of the best turn-outs ever, as well as a food truck (eleven-eleven) and an appearance by the Calgary Fire Department (from the new Station 42, just down the street).

While numbers are not in from the Food Bank yet, by the looks of it, the yield for Calgary’s hungry will be a record, plus a large cash donation to go with it.

The 20th Annual Tuscany Pumpkin Giveaway
The McKelvie Team – Working to Make The Event a Success Every Year

The simple request to bring a non-perishable food item in exchange for a pumpkin, has resonated with the generous residents of Tuscany & surrounding NW Calgary communities.
It is a tradition that has evolved. Every year parents bring kids (plus “fur kids”) in costume to enjoy coffee, hot chocolate, halloween candy, enter the colouring contest and search for the perfect pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern.

The McKelvie Group makes a substantial investment in resources and time, to plan and execute the event. You don’t have to look very hard though, to understand that it is all worthwhile in so many ways.

From neighbours relaxing and visiting over a coffee, to smiling children and a full truck departing for the Food Bank, The Pumpkin Giveaway continues to enrich lives.

A thank you to our business and community partners who have played a part in the promotion & success of the event.

The Tuscany Club
Starbucks Coffee- Tuscany Market
Eleven-Eleven Food Truck
Homes & Land magazine
Tuscany Sun/Suburban Journal
Farwest Outdoor Advertising
Calgary Fire Department

Serving Calgary

Friday, October 5th at 3:03pm

Fresh Start Recovery Centre
Kelly McKelvie’s Pumpking Giveaway is Adding Something NEW This Year!

For 20 years Kelly McKelvie and her team have been giving out pumpkins in exchange for a non-perishable food item (or cash donation) to the Calgary Food Bank.

The event has grown each year, with over 30,000 pounds of food having been collected, thanks to the generous support of the residents of Tuscany and surrounding northwest Calgary communities.
Last year alone a total of 26 boxes (2,805 pounds) of food were collected.

With Your Help, we Have Collected Over 30,000 Pounds of Food For The Calgary Food Bank.

While it is gratifying to see the event grow every year and become a family tradition among northwest Calgary residents, the necessity to for this food drive also continues to grow.
1 in 9 Calgarians will use the Food Bank at some point.

If Donations Stopped, The Calgary Food Bank Warehouse Would be Empty in 3-6 Weeks

Collections for the Food Bank still go out almost as fast as they come in, with children accounting for 41% of its users.

So with that in mind, Kelly’s annual Pumpkin Giveaway is going to ensure that this milestone event is not only a special event, but appeals to residents for continued support and generosity. So we can have a record-breaking donation to the Food Bank.

Fresh Start Recovery Centre

Joining The McKelvie Group this year, is a social enterprise that is also doing what they can to alleviate another issue that has seriously impacted many of Calgary’s citizens in one way, shape or form. The Fresh Start Recovery Centre operates the Eleven-Eleven food truck (and soon a café of the same name).
All profits generated go back into helping more men and families get well from the disease of addiction.

“When You Eat Here, You Are Doing More Than Just Purchasing a Meal, You Could be Saving a Life.”

Eleven-Eleven are about living recovery and inspiring a message of hope and wellness. This is the Do Good part of their tag line. A BIG part of this initiative is working on changing the conversation surrounding addiction recovery.
Addiction impacts us all, so whether you are in recovery, know someone in recovery, or are somewhere in between, there has never been a better time to bring this issue forward.
Recovery saves lives and impacts families for the better. When you come to us, you can be confident that you will Eat Good and Do Good.

Eat Good, Do Good.

When you’re at the Pumpkin Giveaway, dropping off your donation and selecting the perfect pumpkin, you can also purchase delicious breakfast or lunch options from the Eleven-Eleven food truck and help another very worthy cause.

Tuscany charity
The NW Tradition of Family Fun & Giving Continues

Pumpkin Giveaway – October 27th
When: October 27th 9am to 1pm (or until all the pumpkins are gone)
Where: The Tuscany Club

Fresh Start Recovery Centre

Special Thanks to The Following Companies For Their Generous Contributions to Our Event:
Far West Outdoor Advertising
Homes & Land Magazine
Starbucks Tuscany
• The Tuscany Club
The Tuscany Sun


Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:17pm

Tuscany NW Calgary Fire Station
A tour of the new Tuscany Fire Station in NW Calgary.


The long wait is over. The Tuscany Fire Station and Community Hub are open and operational.
The grand opening celebration was a big hit with Tuscany residents. Their was a steady stream of families taking the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the facility, trucks and Firefighters who were on hand to spend some time with the kids. There are four (sometimes five) Fire Crews that will operate out of the hall, with two engines on site.

A Great Asset to the Community

Tuscany Calgary NW

Captain Cameron took the time to show us around, justifiably proud of the new facility in the classic fire hall design.
The Station Includes:
-EMS Room- they will be on sight soon
-Private patio & barbeque area
-Outdoor community workout area
-A well stocked industrial kitchen where health meals are prepared.
The Fire Crews eat predominately lean protein and vegetables (not a lot of carbs, they love roasted vegetables especially). They are a very fit group with at least one high-performance athlete on staff.
They also shop every day so that every meal is very fresh.
-Their are two washrooms downstairs and four upstairs in the dorm area, plus one for the community room.
-Their is a janitorial room, but the Fire Crews do their own cleaning “it’s our space” The Captain noted.
-The media room is filled with ultra-comfortable recliner chairs and a big screen TV to enjoy during rare down time.
-An indoor workout area for the staff is well used, as fitness is a top priority.
-The Community Workspace (with separate entrance) will be bookable through the City of Calgary
-City of Calgary remote workspace will allow City employees to take advantage of the space for various functions and duties.

Tuscany Fire Station
Inside the Tuscany Fire Station

Do They Use a Brass Fire Pole?

Yes they do, and it was explained that it is faster and safer than going down the stairs in all their equipment.

inside the Tuscany Fire Station
The Traditional Brass Pole- Still the fastest & easiest way to get to the truck

The Staff is glad to be on-site and ready to go at a moments notice. Captain Cameron already lives in the community and is able to walk to work.
The Fire Station will serve Tuscany, some of easily accessible parts of Silver Springs (it is quicker for them than the existing Silver Springs Fire Hall). They will also look after Lynx Ridge and some of Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak. If asked to assist, they can cover other close by areas. Blue Ridge may be added to their territory in the future.

It was a very interesting and enlightening tour and we sincerely thank members of the Calgary Fire Department for their time (especially Captain Cameron) it was a great celebration and it is a great asset for Tuscany and the surrounding northwest Calgary communities.