Posted by Kelly McKelvie Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:17pm

Tuscany NW Calgary Fire Station
A tour of the new Tuscany Fire Station in NW Calgary.


The long wait is over. The Tuscany Fire Station and Community Hub are open and operational.
The grand opening celebration was a big hit with Tuscany residents. Their was a steady stream of families taking the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the facility, trucks and Firefighters who were on hand to spend some time with the kids. There are four (sometimes five) Fire Crews that will operate out of the hall, with two engines on site.

A Great Asset to the Community

Tuscany Calgary NW

Captain Cameron took the time to show us around, justifiably proud of the new facility in the classic fire hall design.
The Station Includes:
-EMS Room- they will be on sight soon
-Private patio & barbeque area
-Outdoor community workout area
-A well stocked industrial kitchen where health meals are prepared.
The Fire Crews eat predominately lean protein and vegetables (not a lot of carbs, they love roasted vegetables especially). They are a very fit group with at least one high-performance athlete on staff.
They also shop every day so that every meal is very fresh.
-Their are two washrooms downstairs and four upstairs in the dorm area, plus one for the community room.
-Their is a janitorial room, but the Fire Crews do their own cleaning “it’s our space” The Captain noted.
-The media room is filled with ultra-comfortable recliner chairs and a big screen TV to enjoy during rare down time.
-An indoor workout area for the staff is well used, as fitness is a top priority.
-The Community Workspace (with separate entrance) will be bookable through the City of Calgary
-City of Calgary remote workspace will allow City employees to take advantage of the space for various functions and duties.

Tuscany Fire Station
Inside the Tuscany Fire Station

Do They Use a Brass Fire Pole?

Yes they do, and it was explained that it is faster and safer than going down the stairs in all their equipment.

inside the Tuscany Fire Station
The Traditional Brass Pole- Still the fastest & easiest way to get to the truck

The Staff is glad to be on-site and ready to go at a moments notice. Captain Cameron already lives in the community and is able to walk to work.
The Fire Station will serve Tuscany, some of easily accessible parts of Silver Springs (it is quicker for them than the existing Silver Springs Fire Hall). They will also look after Lynx Ridge and some of Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak. If asked to assist, they can cover other close by areas. Blue Ridge may be added to their territory in the future.

It was a very interesting and enlightening tour and we sincerely thank members of the Calgary Fire Department for their time (especially Captain Cameron) it was a great celebration and it is a great asset for Tuscany and the surrounding northwest Calgary communities.