10 Ways to be a Good Calgary Neighbour

Posted by Kelly McKelvie Wednesday, February 15th at 2:54pm

Calgary has often been referred to as a big city with a small town heart.

A major reason for this is we typically make an effort to be good neighbours. Being welcoming and understanding that we are all different, is important. But what makes a good neighbour?

The definition will be slightly different depending on who you ask, but the following are some key elements that enhance lifestyles; creates good relationships and makes Calgary a great city to call home.

1. Start off on the right foot
When you move in to a new area, introduce yourself to your neighbours. This is a perfect
opportunity to establish a good relationship.

2. Say hello
Little things make a big difference. Just greeting your neighbour when you see each other
demonstrates caring and respect.

3. Communication and Consideration
Combined, these two elements make up the cornerstone of being a good neighbour. Treat
others how you want to be treated. Let people know if you’re having a party in your
backyard; better yet, invite them.

4. Noise
Just like bonfires, overflowing trash bins and junk in the yard; noise is pollution too. Loud
music, revving engines and mowing your lawn at 7am on a weekend, all create neighbour

5. Be aware
Is there somebody in your neighbourhood who would appreciate a bit of help with shoveling
snow or taking garbage to the curb?
Helping seniors or those with mobility issues is always appreciated.
Looking out for each others kids, noting suspicious activity; as well as knowing when a
neighbour is away so you can collect the mail, shovel the walk, etc.
Awareness is important and makes neighborhoods more safe and secure.

6. Pets
No one enjoys cleaning up after a pet, especially if you don’t own one. Don’t leave them
outside all day/night and keep them on your property. Cleaning up after them is your duty.

7. Follow the rules
If you are not sure what your rights and duties are as a Calgary resident, here is where to
check: City of Calgary Bylaws

8. Parking
Ignoring parking etiquette is one of the key problems that result in issues between
neighbours. If your car is always parked in front of your neighbours house, it can become the
source of growing aggravation. Dealing with issues sooner than later, ensures that problems
do not get worse.
INFO Link: Calgary parking authority

9. Property care
Your yard doesn’t have to look like the gardens of Versailles, but you should tend to your
yard regularly to keep your (and your neighbours’) curb appeal as high as possible.

9. Boundaries
This old adage is still true. You need to define your space physically and mentally, for your privacy and piece of mind.

10. Common sense
Keep the noise down, mind your pets, use parking etiquette and keep your yard clean.
Basically, use common sense and you’ll be just fine.