Inner City Adventures – Calgary’s Inglewood

Friday, April 21st at 2:25pm

Inglewood Calgary
View of downtown Calgary from Inglewood

When a community has 142 years worth of stories to draw on, you know that it will be a very interesting place. Featured on the Amazing Race Canada, one of the film locations for the series Fargo, Inglewood is more than just history; it is a stunning mix of old, new and remarkable uniqueness.
While it played a key role in the development of Calgary, over the years, Inglewood has accumulated an ever-growing collection of unique shops, as well as created and enhanced pathways and scenic vistas with many places to relax, meet people and enjoy this enchanting neighbourhood.

Inglewood’s History is Calgary’s History

Founded in 1875 across the Elbow River from Fort Calgary, it is this city’s oldest neighbourhood, with 9th avenue being Calgary’s first main street. What was created and then blossomed as East Calgary or Brewery Flats became officially referred to as “Inglewood” 36 years later, taking the name from a nearby homestead.

Fort Calgary Inglewood Calgary
Old & New

From that point the district evolved over the years into the thriving culture, leisure, dining and shopping hub that we know and appreciate today.
Not even the devastating Calgary flood that saw the area placed under mandatory evacuation order, could stop the continued evolution of Inglewood, which rebuilt and persevered.

Unique Spaces, Cool Places

To list all the wonderful aspects of Inglewood would make this a book instead of a blog.
Visiting Inglewood is never the same visit twice. Yes, there is that much to take in.

Inglewood great shops
Recordland in Inglewood

Walking down 9th. Avenue and streets around it, you will encounter a wide variety of one-of-a-kind shops that you will just not find anywhere else.
Like Recordland, the iconic new and used vinyl and compact disc shop or the amazing Kent of Inglewood, focusing primarily on gentlemen clientele and their grooming needs, even offering straight razor shaving classes!

For the live music lover, Inglewood is a big part of the Music Mile, with the Ironwood Stage & Grill, plus the Blues Can, being two key venues to enjoy local talent and touring musicians from all over the world.

Food Glorious Food

From the gourmet fare found at Rouge to the comfort food classics of Spolumbo’s, as well as the Inglewood Drive-In, where you will find one of the best burgers you’ll ever taste (and forever after crave) plus other delicious fare. Your culinary tour will take several visits to complete, as virtually every type and style of food is well represented here.

Inglewood Drive In  Inglewood Calgary
Inglewood Drive In

For the budding Chef, a trip to the Silk Road is an absolute must, with spices and seasonings that will boost the dishes you create for your next dinner party into the stratosphere! For a cup of pure joy, a stop at Tea Traders will bring you exotic and plentiful tea flavours from around the world that will make you savor every pot you brew.

If shopping is your mission, check out the Calgary-Inglewood website for a complete list of all the places you need to visit.

The district is also home to great events, giving you even more to see and do. Featuring the popular night markets, concerts and of course the popular Christmas in Inglewood, which will definitely become a yearly tradition.

Any day, any season, Inglewood is the destination that never disappoints Calgary’s singles; couples or families- there truly is something for everyone. It will bring you a sense of our history and the cultures that created it and continue to expand on what it has to offer. Prepare to be amazed.

Crown Surplus Inglewood Calgary
Crown Surplus in Inglewood – Cher has shopped here.
The Nash in Inglewood Calgary
The Nash (National Hotel) Inglewood

Must see Inglewood locations:
The Calgary Zoo
Fort Calgary
Crown Surplus
The Livery Shop
Inglewood Bird sanctuary
Bow Habitat Station & Fish Hatchery

Love it & Live it
Homes available in Inglewood

Ready For That Second Cup?

Thursday, April 13th at 9:47am

The Calgary Flames re-enter the battle for the Stanley Cup for the first time since 2015 (a five year playoff absence prior to that).
While there have been changes, key players are still in place and the team is more balanced offensively and defensively plus the goaltending is stronger. They are back, with the same resolve as this entire city, to get back to winning ways.
Like the Flames, with a tough few years behind us, we are all ready for good things to happen and we are seeing those promising signs.

Calgary Proud: A Team (and a city) on a Mission

The playoff run of 13 years ago was exciting if unfulfilling, demonstrated just how hard it is to actually capture the cup. Going farther back, to our big win in 1989, (can it really be 28 years ago?) brings back special memories of the players, Electric Avenue and the excitement of the games and how those Flames captivated and energized a city. We are all more than ready for that again.
Like that special team, it is hard to not compare (especially if you are a die-hard fan) our current roster to that group that “went all the way.”

1989 Path to the Cup
Smythe Division Semi-final vs. Vancouver – Flames win 4–3
Smythe Division Final vs. Los Angeles – Flames win 4–0
Campbell Conference Final vs. Chicago – Flames win 4–1
Stanley Cup Finals vs. Montreal – Flames win 4–2

That Stanley cup run seems like yesterday, yet feels like a lifetime ago. To help either jog your memory or, set the scene for you, (if it was before your time) the following is a list of reference points from that year to illustrate how things have changed and how they seem very much the same.

Looking back
Mayor: Al Duerr
Prime Minister: Brian Mulroney
Calgary population: 600,000 (approx.)
Loaf of bread: $1.29
Carton of milk: $2.14
Average MLS home price: $128,000
Mortgage rate: 12.24% (five year fixed)
Barrel of oil: $40.33
Cell phone: $2,700 (yearly bill: $10,000)

Notable Events in ’89
Berlin Wall comes down
More than one million in Beijing demonstrate for democracy
Mikhail S. Gorbachev named Soviet President
Album of the year: Faith – George Michael
Song of the year: Don’t worry be happy – Bobby McFerrin
Movie of the year: Rain Man

Other Champs in ’89
Super Bowl: San Francisco 49er’s
World Series: Oakland A’s
NBA: Detroit Pistons

Our neighbours to the north are also back, which may mean a return to the battle of Alberta and the legendary Edmonton Oiler and Calgary Flame playoff tilts of old.

Get ready for good things to happen, not just on the ice. The only thing that is left to say is “Go Flames Go!” and “Go Calgary Go!”

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The Latest Calgary Real Estate & Lifestyle Newsletter

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Calgary Real Estate & Lifestyle Newsletter for April

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Gearing up For Summer Fun in NW Calgary

Thursday, April 6th at 12:54pm

Board Sport Fun Young Paddling Water Exercise

It’s never to early to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your summer.

Around here they seem all to short and it is always a good idea to plan ahead and get the most out of the hot days.
To maximize your summer fun, here is an activity that you may have heard of, but you absolutely have to try.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of the fastest growing recreational water trends is stand up paddle boarding. What was once an ancient form of transportation around the Hawaiian islands, has rapidly and steadily taken the world by storm!

There are many reasons for its appeal. First of all, you don’t need an ocean; a lake, river or just a few feet of water will work. It is easy to learn, just about anybody can master it quickly.
Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to get out and explore and get a full body workout while doing it.
Every year there are more and more paddle boarders going down the Bow River, enjoying the scenery and the leisurely ride. Ghost Lake by Cochrane is another popular destination, but pick a day that isn’t too windy.

Fast Facts
quickest growing outdoor sport in the world
2010: 1 million paddle boarders grew to 2.5 million in 2015

There are many different styles to choose from, each with a unique purpose, which makes it important to get the right board for you. A longer skinnier board is built for speed, while a wider board is more for touring.
Whatever you choose, they are easily transported, creating a convenient new pastime for you and the whole family. Whether renting or buying, to get the most out of the experience, there is a lot of expertise in Northwest Calgary.

Summers’ never going to be the same!

See the info link below to get started.

INFO Links
Mountain Cultures
Sport Rent
U of C

You’re Just Like Everyone Else – Totally Unique

Wednesday, April 5th at 11:49am

The following is one of the positive reviews that we have received over that last few days.

“We felt your marketing brochure and video were professionally done. You fed steady stream of prospective buyers and clients, and also provided us with timely feedback. We never felt that we were 3000 km away in Montreal. Your office was very accessible and communicative. You did a thoroughly professional job. Congratulations, and best of luck.”

Hakim S.

The reason that we wanted to share it, is because we recognize that while everybody wants to achieve the same things when it comes to buying and selling a home, your circumstances and situation are not identical.

We feel it is important to take the time to ask the questions that need to be asked and communicate with clients and not make assumptions.

It’s YOUR Move

The McKelvie Group has always found that to achieve shared success in Calgary real estate, we need to be listening at least 70% of the time. Yes, people look to us for expertise and we provide that. We know the communities in Calgary very well, we know how to market your home and get you the results needed.

We Have an Agenda – Your Wants and Needs

You can see from the review above that this family’s situation was unique. Nobody has basic needs. It is our job to uncover what you need and how you need it and when you need it.

The whole McKelvie team, understands that adaptability is one of the keys to success, ours and more specifically – yours.

If you are considering buying or selling in Calgary and area, let’s get together and create a “success map” specific to you and your needs.

Repurposing Calgary

Thursday, March 30th at 12:00pm

Rustic chic -kitchen cabinetry made from wooden pallets

What is repurposing really?

The basic definition of course is taking a product that was originally designed for a specific purpose, but changing it to used in another way. However, this can be expanded to incorporate giving a piece of furniture a whole new look, beyond refinishing. Or, using elements of an item to create a new object as well.

Searching Kijiji, Let It Go and the many antique shops, yard and estate sales; you can find a lot of cool pieces or elements to work on. With some care, creativity (and varying degrees of effort) many people are enjoying the fruits of their labour and turning heads with fantastic focal points in their home or yards. Still others are making a profit from refurbished or repurposed items that may have ended up in the landfill.

Throw away culture

Let’s face it, many of us would not take the time fix, let alone create a brand new piece of art, furniture or practical item out of something that has come to the end of its incarnation in its existing state.

This may be changing however. A recent Calgary Sun article had some interesting news and trends. Social media is making it easier (and free) to attract people to household items that are not wanted by the current owners.

Using a Facebook neighbourhood auction page, has made a Tuscany NW Calgary community group grow to 13,000 members.

According to Kijiji’s study, Calgary is now tops in Canada’s second-hand economy at 104 items sold or purchased per person annually. Alberta indexed at 91 items, with the national average being 78.

Clothing, books and baby items are popular, but with millennials making up a big part of the group of individuals specifically looking not only to save, but potentially make a few dollars, but they also embrace the ability to make their living space unique and personalize it as much as possible.


One Cochrane artist makes beautiful barn wood frames, birdhouses and storage boxes among other uniquely repurposed items that were earmarked for the landfill.

Others have created furniture, lamps, shelving and household decor as shown below.

Worst case scenario, you start a fun hobby, best case scenario you create something that ends up in Ellen De Generes house. You have nothing to lose but junk and potentially create new treasures.

Check out our Pinterest board (see link below) to get yourself started with some cool ideas and enjoy the fantastic repurposed creations from around the world.

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