Picture Perfect

Wednesday, January 18th at 1:31pm

The McKelvie Group and the photographic art of Rob Moses

Real estate has always been a very visual business. The right photo can make a person imagine themselves living in the space they are viewing. Today, with virtually all home searches being conducted online, the importance of having great photography and video is absolutely vital. It is well known that professional photography generates more attention and can help differentiate one property from another.

This is where Rob Moses comes in. Joining the McKelvie team in 2011 upon moving to Calgary from Vancouver, Rob was an immediate boost to the quality of visuals. Not only that, he has and remains an integral member of the team and a source of creativity and positivity.

The McKelvie Group has invested heavily in cutting edge technology. Rob uses high dynamic range imaging (as well as a keen sense of design) to capture the best possible version of a home. True HD allows for a greater range of color and detail, leaving the viewer with the ultimate representation of the home.

Rob is also our UAV pilot, creating amazing arial footage from a higher perspective of both houses and entire neighborhoods with crystal clear accuracy. This gives prospective buyers a fuller view of what a home and district is like and helps make decision making easier.

Arbour Lake Video Tour

The latest tool to be added to The McKelvie Group palette is our 3D virtual media platform called Matterport. This specialized camera and software allows prospective buyers to feel totally immersed in a property.
In Rob’s hands, this technology can give the viewer a 3D “dollhouse view” and allows for a virtual experience that makes the viewer feel they are actually in the home and seeing every detail, but doing so, at their leisure.

Having honed his craft for several years, Rob’s philosophy is quite simple “ If you want to be a better photographer take more pictures. If you can use your camera everyday you will improve everyday. “

Practice really does make perfect.

Rob’s Photo Tips
1. Use the rule of thirds
2. Shoot in aperture priority and try a few different setting for each location.
3. If you’re shooting indoors, use a fast prime (50mm 1.8) instead of a zoom.
4. When shooting shallow depth of field, use the middle focus point to focus on your subject, recompose then shoot the photo.

more Rob Moses photos

Northwest Calgary Community News, Events & Info

Tuesday, January 17th at 11:27am


courtesy of Councillor Ward Sutherland

Heart of a Community – The Tuscany Club

Wednesday, January 11th at 12:36pm

Tuscany has grown into one of Calgary’s most desirable and family oriented areas. The population of the northwest district has grown steadily in three + decades (20,000 people according to the last census) due in part to the wide variety of close-by amenities but there is one element that is virtually the beating heart of the community.

The Tuscany Club

The community is well served by abundant natural areas, pathways, parkland as well as schools, shopping and restaurants, but the place where residents come together to meet, socialize, exercise, learn and even do business, is the Tuscany Club.

Built in 1995 by the developer to serve the residents, the leisure and recreation facility has experienced many changes over the years to become the multi-purpose hub, delivering many programs as well as a wide array of activities.

Outdoor features include a rink, family skating area, tennis courts, splash pool, basketball courts complete with lots of green space/play area with picnic facilities.

Indoors, you’ll find a gymnasium with change area, bright and spacious meeting and multipurpose rooms, as well as office and kitchen access enabling the club to handle a wide variety of events and functions with ease.

The Tuscany Club (along with Sobeys and Starbucks) has played a key role in the success of our annual Pumpkin Giveaway in aid of the Calgary Food Bank. Their support and use of their facility has helped us create a unique and memorable charity event that has aided countless Calgary families in need.

As well the Christmas Craft and Bake sale is just one of the events the club puts on annually and has likewise become an important date that gets circled on a lot of Tuscany calendars.

Club Recreation Manager Marilyn Hess and the friendly staff organize the events and keep things running smoothly creating great experiences and memories for all.

Year round, there is so much the club has to offer. Check out the program guide and event link below. There is also a new user-friendly website to be unveiled soon.

Tuscany residents have a brilliant resource at their disposal that enhances the community and brings people together. Make it the destination for your next event, workout or get together.


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Evidence of Excellence

Friday, January 6th at 8:23am

The McKelvie Group has received many accolades over the years and have achieved over a Billion dollars in home sales. But the most gratifying and best validation for a job well done is the client comments we receive.

With a customer-centric approach coupled with a comprehensive marketing plan, Kelly’s team achieves great results for the people who trust them with their real estate needs.

You only have to read a few of the recent comments to know that you will be in very good hands with The McKelvie Group.

Melissa McRae

“Melissa did an amazing job for us.

She has displayed utmost professionalism, enthusiasm and very supportive throughout the transaction exercise.

“She really represented us well and kept us informed and always returned calls and messages or phone calls addressing important issues and updates.”

We highly recommend her services to everyone we know, if they are in need of the services of a great realtor to work with when home shopping.
It feels great knowing that we are completely satisfied with the services rendered.

Melissa has done a wonderful job helping us out in searching for the perfect home for us.”
-Rahil T.

Kelly McKelvie

“Kelly, thank you so much for selling my home during this difficult time – and making it seem easy.”
-Cynthia R.

“From the moment you meet someone from this team, you KNOW they’re wholly on your side. In my case, Kelly showed no signs of ego and included me in her team in order to get the job done.

From list to possession in less than a month, with a final sale price I wanted all along – in this market, none-the-less!

Every person on this effective team is kind and open. Happy I made this choice.”
-Michelle P.

Rick Easthope

“Rick was the best,

“so prompt, quick to respond, prepared”.

Worked well as a team when he was out of town – team member went out of her way to meet me to sign forms. Very happy with quality of service.”
-Carrie M

If you are planning or considering a move, we should talk.

We sell all over the city and specialize in northwest Calgary. Contact us through the link below and receive a FREE, NO OBLIGATION HOME ASSESSMENT, or let us know if you have any questions we can help you with.

It’s a new year and it’s YOUR move.

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