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Monday, September 18th at 9:46am

NW Calgary real estate news
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Getting to Know NW Calgary

Thursday, September 14th at 3:11pm

NW Calgary places and special elements
Special places, unique features of NW Calgary

LET’S PLAY: Do You Recognize The Images in This Video?

NW Calgary communities have many excellent features that make them ideal places to call home. From stunning views, shops and services to unique architectural designs and wonderful pathways and natural areas, We all love living here. The video (above) showcases just a few of the unique aspects that you will find as you make your way around NW YYC. See if you recognize the places in the video. They are some of our favourite landmarks (or soon to be… hint, hint).
We’ll post the answers later.

If you’re thinking of making a move in or to NW Calgary, give us a call or send an email, we would be happy to help.

NW Calgary Home Opportunities

A Young Calgarian Making a Difference

Wednesday, August 30th at 3:29pm


helping the Calgary bee population
An Impressive Young Calgarian

Check out the brief video above to see what one young Calgary resident is doing to save the local bee population.

Daylight Savings Time Debate

Tuesday, August 29th at 8:24am

Alberta Daylight Savings Time
Should Daylight Savings Time be Saved?

Daylight Savings Time

The debate has been going in Alberta since it was first voted on in 1967, when the notion was defeated, then narrowly accepted four years later. Everyone has an opinion, on whether DST is worth keeping.

Recently, Calgary and the rest of the province have been encouraged to have their say about Bill 203. So far citizens have overwhelming expressed their desire to scrap all the “falling back and springing forward” with almost 75% of respondents saying get rid of it.

Who’s idea was it anyway?

Even before Jim Croce crooned about ‘having time in a bottle’ or Cher sang about the ability to ‘turn back time’ there has always been a felt need to control time in some way.

You can blame or praise Benjamin Franklin (depending on your point of view) for what actually is a pretty creative idea that he came up with when he wasn’t flying kites in electrical storms.

It was conceived as a way to gain more light when you need/want it, and use less resources (lamp oil and later electricity). Intended as an increased productivity measure in a farming based and increasingly industrial world.

Civilization is very different now, is this still something that we need? At the end of the day (pun partially intended) it’s just an hour.

Change or not to change: A few reasons why


-Falling back-who doesn’t like and extra hour of sleep? This is a huge pro for a lot of people.

-It does give you the opportunity to do more in the summer evenings. Although this was meant more for farming than golfing.

-It’s a bit brighter when you get in the car to go to work in the morning, making travel potentially safer.


-DST can be rough and it can mess the “internal clock” of some workers and students. Productivity has been shown to suffer.

-Re-setting every watch, household and vehicle clock, is a big hassle.

-For businesses that have locations across the country, time difference can add a degree of difficulty. Air travel perhaps being the exception.

It may not create the most passionate response (on either side) but if Bill 203 is passed, in November 2018, Alberta may gain an hour we never have to give back.

Quick stats
-One third of the world uses daylight savings time
-“Cyberloafing” entertainment based searches increase by 3.1% when clocks spring forward
-A 2007 study shows a 7% decrease in robberies from DST time shift.